October 22, 2008

Seoul Raiders


Reviewer: Dylan de Thomas
Rating (out of 5): **½

Are you looking for something that might pick you up in these trying times, something that might lighten your load a little bit, take your mind off that pending foreclosure? It would be hard to imagine a movie more vacuous than this Hong Kong action/comedy/espionage flick.

Seoul Raiders is the sequel to the overseas hit Tokyo Raiders from 2000, stars the great Tony Leung as Lam, designed as a kind of Asian James Bond -- though really coming closer to an Asian Remo Williams. The comedy is broad, the action is deeply silly and the sets exotic for those among us who haven't spent time in Seoul's financial district and its attendant tony condos.

Lam is inexplicably followed around at all times by three sexlessly hot, giggling girl fighters who fight many of his fights for him and bound about hissing at the other ladies in the Seoul underground who find themselves interested in our hero. One memorable action sequence finds Lam fighting off a series of baddies with stacks of plates that explode in terrible CGI blasts, knocking down the lot of them. This is not a movie to take seriously. This is barely a movie to pay attention to.

That said, it's not terrible, it's just that it's more suited for your 11-year-old nephew, or for your favorite emotionally undeveloped HK actioner fan. It's just not quite as perfect for anyone looking for something as deep as, say, the aforementioned Remo Williams.

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Posted by cphillips at October 22, 2008 12:34 PM
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